Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Allo, Paris Calling (redux)

If you were following this blog last year, you'll remember that when it came time to make my radio recordings for KWMR, I was able to convert a tiny linen cupboard into a perfect hideaway "booth". Our current flat, alas, has no such convenient space. There's only one cupboard in the entire place, with barely room to hang a couple of coats. Certainly no room for recording equipment. Time to put our heads together with nephew Sean to come up with a solution!

With windows that run the entire length of one side of the flat, there was only one possible area to consider -- the interior hallway, just to the left of the front door, presently home to a coat rack and a Cuban film poster.

Hmmm. If there was a way to create an enclosed nook somewhere there, I just might be in business.

Off I went on my infamous trip to Ikea (see blog The Right of Return), where I found a narrow, white drop front desk.

At home, after Matthew put in a few hours of herculean assembly efforts, this little "pip of a rig" tucked itself discreetly into the corner, next to the coat rack, barely visible to anyone.

All that remained was to order a light-weight, shoji screen, drape the spare bed quilt over it and the coat closet door, open up the drop front desk, connect my computer to my Mbox, go to ProTools, create a new session ...

...and, voilà! I'm off and running. "Good morning, and welcome to Turning Pages at Nature's Pace...."

You can check out the results tomorrow, Monday, 10 am PST at

Best of all, the whole thing takes less than five minutes to set up and, once I'm done, it's folded and put away as quickly and as neatly as The Great Walled City of Xan!

Meanwhile, out in the Parc Vincennes, where Matthew frequently bikes, daffodils are bursting out everywhere.

Spring is tip-toeing around the corner!

À bientôt!


  1. Hi Mom! Nice post. Glad you've figured out your home recording studio. I also like all that sunlight streaming into the hallway! Soak some up for me please. xox SER

  2. Bigger than some editing rooms I have occupied.

  3. Wonderful sweet setup! Can't wait to listen to the results.

  4. You are one clever girl! Thank Matthew for all of your listeners. It's always excellent to have a space of one's own - even if it folds and tucks and is hidden away. Well done!

  5. Looks a pretty cute set up, and it folds away.
    Will stay tuned to those pages turning

  6. Fabulous! But I do miss the hood over your head....although I bet you don't! XOXO and Go Giants

  7. Love your cubby hole - looking forward to new WoCo